"I stand behind defending our constitutional rights"

                                                                                 ~ Janelle Riddle



First let us answer a question many of you have asked, "Who does a County Clerk work for?"

The County Clerk works for the citizens, not the Judges. The Clerk is responsible to keep the checks and balances for the citizens as to the decisions being made in our judiciary which is one of our constitutional rights. This is why court cannot start without a Clerk present to get the "public" record. This is why it is so important to maintain the separation of powers between the executive and judicial branches of our government, so the Clerk is not under any control of the judiciary.

Through teamwork and determination, we have made many positive changes to the processes in the Clerk's Office which we feel have greatly increased the efficiency of our service to the citizens of Yakima County over the past 4 years, and which have contributed to making this office great again. Currently, we are focusing on the other positive changes we are planning to make over the next 4 years.  We have developed an excellent team in this office who are continually striving to maintain the highest levels of service to the citizens we serve.  I can't commend them enough on the superior accomplishments they have made, and their dedication to public service.  We are also thankful for the assistance and support we have received through our relationships with the other elected officials and outside agencies we work with on an almost daily basis.

As Clerk, I have proven my leadership of this office, and my loyalty to the citizens according to the oath of office I signed when I was first elected 4 years ago.  I have stood firm and fulfilled my responsibilities of this office. Our team has restored the separation of powers between the Clerk and the Judiciary, and work very hard to keep the powers in place for you, the citizens of Yakima County.  Our goal is to serve the best interest of the citizens and we make that our top priority.

My opponent has a conflict of interest due to the fact that she is a judiciary staff member which, if she is elected, will remove the independent oversight and separation of powers once again that protect us and our constitutional right.  

Together with your support, we can ensure that the separation of powers remains in place, and that our team will be able to move forward with our planned changes for the next 4 years as we continue to make this office great again.

We have been working very hard for you, and will continue to improve this office to meet your needs and ask for your support with your vote in the General Election on November 6th.


Thank you.


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